We heard rumblings of a year-round horror-themed attraction in Las Vegas earlier in the year; now Universal has confirmed that they’re going ahead with those plans. Universal Horror Unleashed is the official title of the destination/attraction in Las Vegas. It amounts to basically Halloween Horror Nights, but year-round. It’ll feature content from both historical and upcoming films from Universal.

Here are some of the details from Universal:

“At 110,000 square feet, it will be the anchor tenant in a 20-acre expansion of Area15, an entertainment district that opened in 2020. The location, near the city’s famous Strip and off of the 15 freeway, already includes themed restaurants and entertainment attractions such as Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, an immersive art experience.”

There is still no opening date for Horror Unleashed, but this is a good start to getting horror attractions around the year.

Las Vegas already feels kind of like Halloween Horror Nights with all the people walking around, various costumed characters, and other nightlife. This new complex sounds like it’ll be just what horror fans ordered when you head out to Sin City.

The opportunities for houses and other scare zones are numerous here. They could reuse old Horror Nights houses, make new ones that fit into the Las Vegas theming, or a mix of it all. Halloween Horror Nights has been the premier horror haunt destination in both Orlando and Hollywood. If you want the best scares combined with theatrical quality makeup and scare actors, you go there.

Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives maze at Halloween Horror Nights 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood

Our review of Halloween Horror Nights this year praised the theming, monsters, and houses. Depending on how many houses they can fit into the space; this could be a dream scenario for fans who want houses year-round. We went through the exercise of building the ultimate Halloween Horror Nights lineup last year;, and some of those have already come true for the 2023 edition. If the rights aren’t an issue, you could definitely build out an interesting lineup based on music, movies, and TV that Universal owns.

Whatever they do, this is still going to be on any horror fan’s bucket list to head out to the Las Vegas desert and get scared.

So, are you excited about Universal Horror Unleashed in Las Vegas?

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