Godzilla fans, especially those of the most recent iteration, are in for a treat this November. The King of the Titans returns, to television this time, in the Apple TV+ series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Named for the clandestine, monster-hunting organization from the films, the show offers a whole new perspective on the Monsterverse. New York Comic Con (NYCC 2023) fans received a sneak peak at the series’ first episode on Friday, and we got a chance to sit down with the show’s producers for even more insight.

One of the chief differences between Monarch and the preceding films is its focus.  As with most, sort-length, feature films, the main selling point is the spectacle. This show, while still keeping that spectacular element, will tell a different story.  “We wanted to tell a ground level story… looking at the monsters from the ground up,” said Showrunner Chris Black. Though he bills the series as a “globe-trotting adventure show” in the fictional Monsterverse, they needed to keep it based in reality for the personal stories to really hit home.

Monarch brings a human element to the Monstervese

Aiding in that endeavor are the show’s father/son stars, Kurt and Wyatt Russell. They play the older and younger versions of the same character, Lee Shaw. The younger Russell features prominently in the show’s first episode.) According to Showrunner Matt Fraction, both Russells brought authenticity to the show. “Kurt was always very forensic about keeping it authentic and grounded,” he told us.

Monarch; NYCC2023

That being said, Monarch will absolutely feature its fair share of spectacle, and an appearance from Godzilla himself. You can see for yourself in the trailer above. “The marriage of high spectacle and human story was the most challenging aspect of the show. This is as much about a legacy of family as it is about the legacy of monsters,” says the show’s Executive Producer Andrew Goddard.

As Chris Black noted with a mischievous grin, Monarch, at its core, is a show steeped in “secrets, lies, and legacy.”

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters premieres with a two-episode opening this November 17 on Apple TV+.