No One Will Save You is an action-packed thriller! The film follows Brynn, a young woman who must face off against a host of extraterrestrial beings who threaten her future. While trying to survive, she is also forced to confront her past.

“I wanted the movie to take the lead of a small  intimate character study and drop an alien invasion on top of them. The end of the world won’t only be for those that are ready for it…the idea of an alien movie rudely bursting the bubble our character has spent years building and cultivating felt like a unique way to tell a favorite story.”

Writer/Director Brian Duffield

This trailer is GREAT! I’m a huge fan of Kaitlyn Dever (Booksmart, Rosaline)! So, to see that she’s being given the chance to carry a film like this is exciting!



“I think there’s a deeply buried feeling that every alien invasion movie could turn out to be true because they remain such an unknown in our daily lives. As our world careens more and more out of control, maybe there’s even a desire that there’s something out there smarter than us that can help put us on a more sane path. The aliens in ‘No One Will Save You’ are superior to humans in every way. [This] makes Brynn and her surprising resistance somewhat puzzling to them.” 

Write/Director Brian Duffield

The film is written and directed by Brian Duffield and stars Maika Monroe, Nick Robinson, as well as Brian Tyree Henry. This is Duffield’s 2nd film. He wrote, produced, and directed 2020’s “Spontaneous,” which is an adaptation of Aaron Starmer’s young adult novel. The film starred Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why, Cursed) and Charlie Plummer (Looking for Alaska).

No One Will Save You will be released on Hulu on September 22, 2023.