UPDATE: Guns N’ Roses have officially released the track ‘Perhaps’ on their YouTube and other streaming services. Check it out below!

It’s been quite a long time since Guns N’ Roses released a new album, but it looks like we’ve at least got a new single from the band coming soon. The track titled ‘Perhaps’ has been sent out to radio stations across the country, and partial versions of the track have made their way online (and immediately DMCA take down’ed).

This track might not be particularly new, at least when it comes to the writing, it’s originally from the Chinese Democracy sessions. It also was supposed to arrive last Friday, but came a few days late after people noticed it was showing up on TouchTunes machines.

There have been plenty of rumors that GnR are working on a new album. The track ‘Perhaps’ was already soundchecked at a concert in June, so they’re been practicing it for a live debut. Slash and Axl Rose were also photographed in the studio listening to ‘new mixes’ and a longtime stage tech for the band said that fans could expect new music “any day now.”

Guns N’ Roses New Music – Other Tracks They’ve Released

Axl Rose and Slash on stage with Guns N' Roses
Photo By: A.PAES

Like their previous tracks that have come out like “Shadow of Your Love”, “Hard Skool”, and “Absurd”, this might not be brand-new music, but it’s still new music with Slash, Duff McKagan, and Axl Rose playing on it, in addition to Frank Ferrer, Richard Fortus, and Melissa Reese.

As for the actual track, it’s still not available online. The video was posted to the official Guns N’ Roses YouTube page, but has since been taken down. So you might have to get lucky listening to the radio or iHeartRadio app to get a listen for now.

You can see Guns N’ Roses out on tour for their 2023 World Tour and they’re headlining the inaugural Power Trip Festival in Southern California, this October. They’ll be headlining with Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Tool.

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