If you are an Indiana Jones fan and collector you are going to want to add this collectible to your home. Today Regal Robot announced that their Grail Tablet 1:1 Wall Decor is now available to purchase. This replica tablet from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade retails for $399 and can be purchased at regalrobot.com. You can check out the official details below.

Indiana Jones: Grail Tablet Wall Decor Available Now From Regal Robot

Indiana Jones – Grail Tablet 1:1 Wall Decor

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade™, American businessman Walter Donovan shows Indiana Jones™ the mysterious Grail Tablet, one of two markers left by the three knights who discovered the Holy Grail. He also gives Indy some more ominous news about his father, setting off an adventure to the Canyon of the Crescent Moon… 

This large, three-dimensional sculptural wall decor is inspired by the tablet seen in the film. It’s an impressive 20” wide, the same size as the original prop, and was developed using a 3D scan of one of the tablets used in the production of the film.

Indiana Jones: Grail Tablet Wall Decor Available Now From Regal Robot

Each made in the U.S.A. wall decor creation is cast in over 5 pounds of polyurethane resin and then hand-painted in many layers for realistic stone accents and aging. With a truly realistic, ancient finish, it feels like it came right out of the movie! 

Choose wisely…” and bring some Indiana Jones adventure and style to your home theater, living room or office!

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Source: Regal Robot