We have reached the end of another season of pure, joyous Sci-Fi. the tone of the series was very different this season. so leading up to the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds finale left a lot to cram in.

Gorn for Broke

With the Priority One Mission, Captain Batel mentioned at the end of last week’s episode. We knew that it was going to be the setup for the Finale. So Batel and her crew go to provide aid to a non-federation colony that becomes under siege by The Gorn. In a twist, Nurse Chapel was assisting the mission as it was on her way to the Vulcan fellowship, so she was bumming a ride.

With planetary communication down, Pike and the Enterprise crew can only assess the situation upon arrival. and what do they see? The Cayuga blasted into bits. Spock is holding out that Christine is ok. But all personal feelings aside, the crew goes right into their training.

Pike leads an away team down to find the retro-looking town torn to shreds, but eventually, Kirk finds a Lt from a research vessel who narrowly escaped The Gorn. One of “Those Old Scientists” is Lieutenant Montgomery Scott!

Here today Gorn Tomorrow

Scotty lets the away team know how he was able to escape The Gorn, being the sole survivor. Pike wants to retrieve this solution he came up with, but it’s in his crashed-away shuttle. Pike, Batel, and Scotty do retrieve the “transponder” he used to escape. Well, they are “attacked” by a Gorn scout. Batel didn’t even flinch in the face of death because she’s the newest Gorn walking incubator…

Back in the Enterprise, Uhura and Pelia figure out that the Gorn have a machine on the surface that is causing the coms blackout. the only way to stop is to take out the system. How do you do that on a non-federation planet that doesn’t look like an act of war?

GRAVITY! It’s not just a good idea. It’s the law. Spock space jumps over to the remnant of the Cayuga and uses mini boosters to force the Cayuga to crash onto the Blackout systems location. He did find Chapel, and they took out a Gorn who was trying to hack the Computer.

After the massive saucer section crashed, the survivors on the planet and the away team are beamed off… But they are not on the Enterprise… To Be Continued…

Captains Log: Hegemony

Wow, blink, and you’ll miss it! The episode was fast, not a dull moment. Ortegas gets her chance to shine, showing off her piloting skills that she refined during the war. Pike gets to show his feelings, and some Scottish guy shows up on the ship.

What really gets me is that the away team of Pike, La’an, M’benga, Sam Kirk, and Ortegas gave me that pit in my stomach feeling because, after this series, I’m unaware of any of them in Star Trek history. So I was just waiting for an onscreen death. But to go with the old switcheroo and have the Gorn take them hostage. is the perfect lead-up to next season?

I really appreciate the actor turning the switch on and getting in “WORK MODE” compartmentalizing their emotions and dealing with the task at hand.

Guess we are going to have to wait months for and resolution.

Of course, since I’m your Power Rangers guy… Did I see an SPD alum as a red shirt?!

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