Cineverse has acquired the rights to a North American release of the 1987 horror comedy Street Trash. However, before you get your pitchforks out, and start horrifically typing, “NO MORE REBOOTS NO REMAKES!”, this one looks like its in good hands. Fried Barry director Ryan Kruger is on board to direct the film. It’s also not setting the film in the same place or time as the original. The story is moving out of Brooklyn, New York and heading to Cape Town, South Africa.

“Our reimagining of Street Trash takes place in Cape Town, South Africa where the growing divide between rich and poor has changed the world as we know it. I was a huge fan of the original ‘Street Trash’ when I was a kid, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a whole new generation to the melted gonzo goodness that made the original such a classic.”

If you missed out on the original film, here’s a synopsis.

“’Street Trash’ follows a group of homeless misfits as they fight for survival when they discover a plot to exterminate every homeless person in the city.”

Variety says that the reboot stays true to the original plot – which chronicles the disgusting decay of New York wanderers after ingesting bottles of toxic alcohol – but expounds the gore to create a metaphor for something much larger.

Kruger had more to say about the upcoming reboot.

“While our reimagining features new, exciting plot elements that give the film many bizarre twists and turns, the core of the film lies with our diverse and unique cast of characters. As a director, I am very character centric and I can’t wait to see our strange and hilarious ensemble on screen together as they navigate the hostile streets of Cape Town. Our version of ‘Street Trash’ will be raw, hilarious, packed with vibrant characters and multi-colored explosions of gooey greatness.”

Vinegar Syndrome and Screambox are producing the film for a release on the Screambox streaming service sometime in 2024.

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