[WARNING: Article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian, Chapter 23: ‘The Spies.’]  Hopefully everyone has had a chance to regroup emotionally after yesterday’s chapter of The Mandalorian. Following a seemingly out of place side quest in Chapter 22, the series came back in full force with ‘The Spies.’ We had everything from the Mandalorians uniting, to the beginnings of the First Order, to Captain Palleon and a Thrawn reference, to a gut-wrenching, devastating death. What we didn’t get, however, was the identity of the other spy referenced in the chapter’s plural title. So who was it that betrayed Bo Katan, Din Djarin & Company?

The Mandalorian; Armorer
Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Let’s back up to the beginning of the latest Mandalorian chapter, as that may weigh heavily on the speculation. Elia Kane, was, to no shock to anyone, confirmed to still be working for Moff Gideon. She alerted him to the fact that Mandalorians had untied to free Nevarro from the pirates. Gideon was genuinely surprised…. Or so he seemed. I say “seemed” because almost immediately after learning the news, he reported to the Shadow Council that an attempt to retake Mandalore was imminent. How would he know that, if he was surprised at the news Kane reported?  

Who is the second Spy in The Mandalorian, Chapter 23?

Is the the Armorer’s secret Identity? (Image: Topps)

The obvious choice is the Armorer. She orchestrated Bo Katan’s efforts to unit their people. She also planted the seed for the notion of retaking their home world. Then, just before the ambush, she conveniently leaves the planet with the scouting team’s only means of transportation. Plus, there is always the fact that she wears a horned helmet… just like Moff Gideon and Gar Saxon’s former Super Commandos. (Makes you now wonder exactly what happened to the other Mandalorians of the Covert in Season 1, doesn’t it?) One theory is that the Armorer is still Mandalorian, but is actually Saxon’s right hand, Rook Kast, and in any event, the spy. BUT….

Let’s not forget one Axe Wolves also made a hasty exit before the ambush, as well. He is a mercenary, after all. Perhaps it was he who freed Moff Gideon, for the price of his freedom and loyalty. He’s hot headed, always looking out for himself… and blasted off to the surface to “contact  the fleet” knowing the Gauntlet, their only way off planet, was already gone. Was he going to use his jetpack to fly into the vacuum of space? I doubt he’d have enough fuel for that.

Red Herrings?

Knowing Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau as we do, both of these hints at Mandalorian betrayal are likely red herrings. If so, though, then who else would have set the ambush up? The surface-dwelling survivors cutting a deal with the Empire? Or could Greef Carga have cut deal with the Empire now that his Mandalorian protection has left for Mandalore? 

Mandalorian Chapter 23
Was he desperate enough to make a deal with the Empire? (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

I’m sure we’ll find out in next week’s finale. Hold on to your hats, folks. It’s gonna be a good one.

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