Metallica’s M72 World Tour is heading to the big screen. Trafalgar and Metallica are joining up once again to offer fans a look at the M72 World Tour during its stop in Arlington, Texas. This August 18th and August 20th, fans can head to the theater to catch a live stream of the two massive shows. This unprecedented theatrical event will see the band playing two nights with two completely different setlists. Get ready for tracks from 1983’s classic Kill ‘Em All all the way to 2023’s 72 Seasons. The band won’t play a single song twice, making for a total of more than 30 songs across both shows.

Metallica is also bringing a new stage design with them, they call it the Metallica Snake Pit. Fans in the center have a 360 degree view along with fans around the stadium.

Kymberli Frueh, SVP Programming and Content Acquisitions, Trafalgar Releasing had this to say about Metallica.

We feel like we are a part of the Metallica family now that we are doing our third release together (Metallica: M72 World Tour Live From Arlington, TX – A Two Night Event, 72 Seasons Global Premiere, and S&M²). Since Metallica is touring in very limited markets this year, we are so happy that we can extend that tour into cinemas across the globe. The cinemas create a virtual tour stop for fans in thousands of locations where Metallica isn’t touring this year. What better way to create a VIP experience with every seat in the cinema feeling as if you are in the front row of the concert.

This follows the 72 Seasons global premiere listening party for their 12th album. Tickets for those listening parties are still available across the country and world.

72 Seasons releases on April 14th wherever you get your music. Tickets for Metallica’s M72 World Tour are also on sale now.

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