The Netflix adaptation of the video game series Gears of War gets closer and closer to release as screenwriter Jon Spaihts has joined as a writer. He’s best known for writing Doctor Strange, Dune, and Dune: Part Two. The Gears of War games are among the hightest-selling for Microsoft and Xbox with over 40 million copies sold.

The games follow an alien invasion of the Locusts and human resistance against it. Society is on the brink of collapse, and the Delta Squad, led by Marcus Fenix is humanity’s last hope. The combat system was revolutionary when it was released because it focused on a cover system and a camera that followed the player like it was an action movie. Netflix announced the adaptation back in November 2022 in a partnership with The Coalition. They plan to adapt the first game into a live-action feature film, followed by an adult animated series, with the potential for more movies and series.

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The Coalition had this to say about adding Jon Spaihts.

“Jon is a master storyteller with a talent for creating epic, science-fiction universes, and he truly loves ‘Gears of War.’ We couldn’t ask for a better partner to honor our franchise and deliver an authentic story to our fans.”

Recent Attempts To Adapt Gears Of War

This isn’t the first try that a studio has had at adapting Gears of War. Back in 2007 New Line Cinema had the rights, but didn’t pick anything up on them. In 2013 Scott Stuber came on as a producer for Epic Games, but again, nothing came of it. It keeps going, as Universal hired F. Scott Frazier as a writer for an adaptation, but nothing came of that either.

We’ll have to see how the adaptation turns out. The one fan-cast for Marcus Fenix across the board has been Dave Bautista.

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