Sideshow has been killing it recently with their Critical Role collectibles. And on the heels of the fantastic statue they put up for pre-order, there is a new art print up for pre-order.

Product Images And Description

Vox Machina, f%^& s#%$ up! There’s no stopping Grog Strongjaw, the bearded and belligerent brawler, when he enters a rage. Hailing from the Herd of Storms, he’s a big hero whose even bigger heart balances his low intelligence. This portrait of the Grand Poobah showcases his unrivaled strength and tenacity as he easily cuts through a horde of enemies, armed with an axe, the Titanstone Knuckles, and reckless abandon. Villains, beware — it will take more than minions, monsters, and mythic evil to stop Grog in his tracks!

Release Date And Price

Now the unframed version for this is $95, while the unframed version is priced at $290. As for when it id coming out, it’s planned to be released between this month and next month.

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