The Red Hot Chili Peppers performed yesterday in Sydney, Australia as part of their 2023 tour to promote both of their albums Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen. In all, they played seven songs off those two new records amidst a smattering of hits and deep cuts. They played 20 songs in all, including tracks like “The Heavy Wing”, “Reach Out”, and staples like “Californication”. Some fans on social media were less than thrilled with the choice of songs, however. Here are some examples taken from social media:

“Good experience (but) won’t see ’em again. Their set was new song focused and the crowd struggled to feel it.”

“Been their biggest fan all my life and after that concert would never go again. Played a few old songs but mostly new rubbish that no one knows.”

Some fans were not happy with the band’s performance and how much they interacted with the crowd.

“Wish I could take back my decision to go to RHCP. Absolutely gutted by that performance.”

“They sounded good but was disappointed in the complete lack of interaction and engagement with the audience and also not playing a number of songs I expected.”

Here’s the full setlist thanks to our friends at

  1. Intro Jam
  2. Can’t Stop (2002)
  3. The Zephyr Song (2002)
  4. Here Ever After (2022)
  5. Snow (Hey Oh) (2006)
  6. Eddie (2022)
  7. Throw Away Your Television (2002)
  8. Reach Out (2022)
  9. Soul to Squeeze (1993)
  10. Nobody Weird Like Me (1989)
  11. These Are the Ways (2022)
  12. The Heavy Wing (2022)
  13. Californication (1999)
  14. Pea (1995)
  15. The Drummer (2022)
  16. Black Summer (2022)
  17. By the Way (2002)


  1. Sir Psycho Sexy (1991)
  2. They’re Red Hot (Robert Johnson cover)
  3. Give It Away (1991)

However, some fans were ecstatic to hear the new material and some deeper cuts. It really underscores the fickle behavior of some fans of bands out there. There are plenty of fans of bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Iron Maiden that complain about them playing their greatest hits at concerts. But the other side of the coin happens when new fans go to see these bands, and they want to hear the most popular songs. So while the Chili Peppers might not have played some of their biggest hits, they still included some tracks. This is also not a greatest hits tour, they are supporting their new albums, so it makes sense to play 7 tracks from two new albums.

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