The Last Drive-In on Shudder isn’t just about celebrating fans of horror movies and the genre. It’s also about celebrating the people who make horror possible and being generous. And boy, oh boy, the Mutant Family, Joe Bob, and Darcy were generous this year. With several amazing prize packages up for auction among other memorabilia from the show; they raised over $208,000 for the charities they picked. Among them were the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, March of Dimes, Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, and the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

The annual holiday tradition saw people bidding on an opportunity to have dinner at a Cracker Barrell with Joe Bob and Darcy, to have Joe Bob officiate your wedding, and the opportunity to see an All Elite Wrestling show live with Joe Bob and Darcy and to meet Chris Jericho.

Here’s what Joe Bob had to say about the whole thing.

I’m proud to say that our little Mutant Family came up with 420 percent more money than when we first did this in 2020, a full 30 percent increase over 2021–more evidence that horror fans are terrifyingly generous! One hundred percent of the funds go directly to the four charities, so thanks to everyone who made that possible, especially the team at Fright Rags, who always go above and beyond to create premiums for the people too strapped for cash to participate in auctions.

You can catch a replay of the Ghoultide Get-Together on Shudder, or any of the other episodes of The Last Drive-In.

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