Tom Welling, Erica Durance and Laura Vandervoort took to the main stage for the Smallville Reunion Panel.

Smallville began in 2001, before the superhero craze, before huge crossover events on TV and film. Starring Tom Welling as a young Clark Kent just coming into his powers it captured the attention of a generation. It can be considered a huge inspiration for what came next.

The show inspired a spinoff comic covering an 11th season and has found many more fans since it first debuted. Smallville left such an impressio that Tom and Erica reprised their roles within the Arrowverse. In recent years Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum who played Lex Luthor have held special events around conventions to talk about their time on the show.

The main stage capacity was full with fans of all ages many of whom likely born after the show started its 10 season run.

CJ Allen hosted the Smallville Reunion, revealing an impressive knowledge while asking the trio a range of questions. He went on to seemingly attempt to reboot the show with the original cast getting Tom’s agreement. One of the first questions was how the idea of Smallville came about? Tom spoke of how much the fact that it wasn’t a superhero show in the traditional sense appealed to him. Erica and Laura spoke about coming into an existing show in major roles, with Erica relating a story of becoming overwhelmed when things sank in.

Other Projects

Tom talked about Professionals an action show he filmed in South Africa just before the pandemic. He appeared in that alongside Brendan Fraser he who praised and tipped for an Oscar win. He has also partnered with Smallville co-star Michael Rosenbaum for podcast Talkville which discusses episodes of the show.

Erica most recently completed a Hallmark Christmas movie called We Need A Little Christmas. Laura spoke about her passion project a short thriller called My Soul To Take which she directed.

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