Netflix and Paramount’s Beverly Hills Cop 4 is about to enter production. The film changed directors recently with Mark Molloy taking over the project. Now, we can exclusively reveal that Beverly Hills Cop 4 will begin production on August 29th, 2022 in Los Angeles. The film comes from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and is written by Will Beall. It’ll see the return of Eddie Murphy to the role of Axel Foley.

In addition to the production date, we have some exclusive information about the plot synopsis and supporting characters of Beverly Hills Cop 4. According to our sources, the film will see Axel Foley return to Beverley Hills once again. After he gets a phone call from an old friend about his estranged daughter, Jane, Foley makes new enemies and teams up with his daughter and her ex-boyfriend, Detective Bobby Tapia. Once there, he takes on drug cartels and a conspiracy inside the Beverly Hills Police Department.

That new plot is exciting enough for the likes of Axel Foley, we also have descriptions of some of the new supporting characters.

The New Characters Of Beverly Hills Cop 4

Detective Bobby Abbott

Bobby is described as in his 30s, Latin, modern, healthy, youthful, and a bit arrogant. He’s from East LA and by the book as they come. He clashes with Foley, is very buttoned up, and doesn’t take risks. He’s searching for the truth and hopes to rekindle things with Jane. Bobby teams up with Axel because he’s the only shot he has at solving his case. He’s listed as one of the leads.

Cade Grant

Listed as a flashy supporting character, Cade is in his 50s-60s and white. Confident, cunning, suave, with perfect teeth, he’s the new police captain in Beverly Hills. He looks more like a dentist than a cop. Egotistical, self-preserving member of law enforcement that runs a private security business that covers his tracks. He has an incredibly fragile ego that refuses to be challenged.


Ashley is in her 40s, any ethnicity, beautiful, arrogant, and self-important with a commanding Beverly Hills presence. She’s a real estate agent that has a close working relationship with Cade Grant. Think more like a criminal power couple than just work friends. She’s judgmental, ambitious, and highly questions why Axel and Jane Foley are at one of her open houses.


Beck is in his 40s, any ethnicity, he’s Grant’s right-hand man with an iron fist. Lethal, powerful, and with an abject lack of morals, he goes to great lengths to get rid of Axel in any way possible.

Matt Tyler

A successful high-powered lawyer who happens to be Jane’s fiancee. Axel wonders why Jane picked this guy, he’s stylish, clean-cut, and “perfect on paper”. That slowly unravels to show lawfulness and a judgmental demeanor.

Silva & Kurtz

These are private security guards for Beck and Grant, they act as the muscle that Axel has to outsmart and outwit throughout the film. They try to brute-force their way through any problems. Supposed to be 30s-40s, any ethnicity.


This seems like the new-age “Serge” for Beverley Hills Cop 4. They work at the front desk for Jane’s law office, self-absorbed, and pay more attention to her personal life than to the person standing in front of her, Axel Foley.

Maitre D

It’s not a Beverly Hills Cop movie unless Axel Foley has issues with a maitre d or other service member. They’re impatient, refined, and begrudgingly helps Axel and Jane find a table at a high-profile restaurant.


Listed as Latin, 30s, a former Fuerzas Armada member who is now a cartel hit man who shows no mercy going after Bobby on the streets of LA. Has plenty of tattoos, including facial ones.

Judge And Clerk

These two are involved with Jane’s court case and the Judge is fair, and helps out Jane with a motion to delay the final decision. The Clerk has a nice scene and works at the front desk of a fancy Beverly Hills hotel.

So, those are some new details for Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop 4. There’s no release date available but the film is on track to shoot this summer and could release in 2023 sometime on Netflix.

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