Have you any desire to own a small statue of Avatar Korra from The Legend of Korra? Well, don’t worry. Dark Horse Direct has your back here.

A Pint-Sized Korra for Your Tabletop

Korra Statue posed against a lush background.
Now using all 4 elements in a way that doesn’t just create warm mud.

Dark Horse Direct and Nickelodeon are proud to announce this Korra Statue, or rather, statuette. An actual statue probably wouldn’t fit on your tabletop unless you have a really big table. This is a must-have for any The Legend of Korra fan, with the Avatar herself having her appearance based off of her Book 4 self. You can see that her hair is cropped short, and she’s dressed in Southern Water Tribe garb. Of course, as you might expect from the Avatar, Korra here is wielding all 4 elements in a very dramatic pose. Even to the point of stylishly using a rock as a makeshift surfboard. Now that is dedicated surfing.

You can preorder this Korra Statue right now from Dark Horse Direct for a grand total of $199.99. Yeah, $200 a statuette isn’t cheap. Even worse, while the expected shipping date is somewhere between November 2022 and January 2023, this isn’t a definite date thanks to the ongoing port congestion. If you really want this statuette though, then you might want to hurry. They only plan to make 2000 of these statuettes to generate that wonderful artificial scarcity, so an early preorder might be what you need to even get a single one. Each customer is limited to only 2 of these statuettes, so as to keep the scarcity from getting too high. But really, why would you want to buy more than one?

Korra Statue: More Details

Korra Statue from the front.
She looks even more fearsome flying right at you head-on.

This Korra Statue measures 10 inches tall and stands on a 4-inch wide base, so you might want to clear a bit of room on your table for this. Otherwise, you might not have room for the inevitable Aang Statue. BigShot Toyworks sculpted this polyresin statuette, with Jason Wire Productions doing the prototyping and painting. You even get a Certificate of Authenticity along with this statuette when you receive it to prove it. That way, you’ll be able to definitely say that you didn’t get a forgery. Or at the very least, you’ll know who to complain to if the statuette arrives in a damaged condition.

Korra Statue with person for scale.
Obviously, Korra isn’t to scale. Otherwise, the show would’ve been a very different genre altogether.

Source: Dark Horse Direct