What are we doing? How much more can we take? We deserve better. Everyone deserves better. 21 people are dead because of a shooting incident in Texas today. In times like these, entertainment, pop culture, Marvel, Star Wars, whatever, they seem trivial. They are, no one’s life is worth more than someone else’s. There’s a serious issue with gun violence in the United States and this incident furthers the issue. It doesn’t matter your race, color, creed, religious beliefs, or political affiliation, enough is enough. Our leaders and people in positions of power need to take a long, hard look in the mirror about this issue and find a way to solve it.

No gun is worth more than someone’s life.

For that reason, That Hashtag Show will not be running any articles, videos, or other posts for the rest of the day. Take the time to speak to your loved ones, thoughts and prayers are great, but they won’t change the fact that 21 people are now dead in another mass shooting.

Educate yourself and think about other people.

-That Hashtag Show