PaleyFest, where the stars of your favorite TV Shows come to you! Back in person, PaleyFest is the hottest television festival that brings you behind the scenes with the stars and creators of your favorite television series! Think of it as Comic-Con for TV Junkies.

This season, PaleyFest brought fans Q&As, red carpets, early screenings of episodes, and so much more! In attendance were stars from This is Us, Superman & Lois, Black-ish, Ghosts, The Neighborhood, Hacks, Cobra Kai, Riverdale, Better Call Saul, and Emily in Paris. There was also a huge tribute to every season and incarnation of my favorite show to watch with my dad, NCIS! Marc Harmon is truly a national treasure.


I had the privilege of chatting with the casts for a couple of my personal favorite shows. One of which is Ghosts, the #1 new comedy on CBS. Based on the British Series, Ghosts tells the story of Samantha (Rose McIver) and Jay Arondekar (Utkarsh Ambudkar). The couple believes all their dreams have come true when they inherit a fabulous country home from Samantha’s distant relative. However, after a near-death experience, Sam realizes that not only is their new home incredibly haunted…she can see and speak to the ghosts who are doing the haunting.

These ghosts all died on the grounds of Woodstone manor. So, they are bound to the area until they can finally be “sucked off” to the afterlife. Samantha’s husband, Jay, cannot see or hear the ghosts, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be possessed now and again. This series is absolutely fantastic and hilarious, and so is the cast.

I had the honor of speaking with most of them at PaleyFest this year to discuss what makes Ghosts so special. As well as their personal favorite moments, what they thought of their ghost’s backstory, and so much more!


Being able to speak with an amazing ensemble only makes me love the series even more. Did you get to go to or watch anything from PaleyFest? Who did you love seeing this year? What’s your favorite show that you hope will be at PaleyFest next year? Comment below and let us know!