When I first learned about Minx from HBOMax, the cast alone had me all in. Now that I’ve seen the series, season 2 can’t get here fast enough!

Minx stars Ophelia Lovibond (Mr. Popper’s Penguins), Jake Johnson (New Girl), Jessica Lowe (The Righteous Gemstones), Idara Victor (Rizzoli & Isles), Lennon Parham (UCB & Best Friends Forever), Michael Angarano (This is Us), and Taylor Zakhar Perez (The Kissing Booth). Need I go on? 


Minx takes place in the 70s and tells the story of a woman named Joyce (Lovibond) who has a dream. She wants to start and publish the first-ever feminist magazine. Yet, the men who run the industry have zero interest, except one – Doug (Johnson). Doug owns his own successful publishing house and think’s Joyce’s idea is great. However, Doug’s publishing house specializes in porn magazines. So, he wants to take Joyce’s idea and “hide the medicine’ first-ever all-nude men’s magazine for women.

While the premise may sound silly, the show embraces it and gives you a phenomenal, smart, funny, and somehow grounded series with fantastic characters. The character of Joyce can come of an annoying and a know-it-all, but I really enjoyed her journey along season one. While she’s learning about herself, as well as teaching others the importance of the magazine and her vision, they are rubbing off on her. Minx could have easily become a show all about Joyce, but the writing takes you on a journey through all the characters. This helps make it truly an ensemble piece that wouldn’t work without them.


This series is on HBOMax and it takes full advantage. Unlike me, you may blush at the sight of a naked woman’s body. Personally, at this point, I’m numb to it. Film and Television have shown us all nooks and crannies of the female form to the point where no one really bats an eye. Minx flips that all on its head giving us naked men and all their glory in all shapes and sizes.

Episode one has the team looking for its perfect centerfold and we get a fun and hilarious montage of penises until they find the perfect one. I found this approach incredibly refreshing. The scene made sense for the story. I didn’t find it gratuitous, just hilarious and fun to watch. This isn’t the only time, remember this is a woman’s nudie magazine like Playgirl. So, if you’re squeamish you have been warned.

So make sure you check out Minx coming to HBOMax on Friday, March 18, 2022. Stay tuned to THS for more news, and reviews!