The Amazon Prime Video series, Upload took our couches by storm in 2022. The series took us into the virtual world of Lakeview, a subconscious afterlife for the ultra-rich. There we meet Nathan (Robbie Amell), a shallow but wickedly smart guy who died and was uploaded by request of his super-rich girlfriend. 

By the end of season 1, we learn Lakeview isn’t all it seems and neither is Nathan…or is his death! There’s a fun love triangle between himself, his angel worker Nora (Andy Allo), and the girlfriend, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards). A fantastic murder mystery twist. As well as Ingrid showing up in the finale having uploaded herself to Lakeview. The twists and turns abound, and they don’t stop in season 2!


Fans have waited two years for Upload to return and they will not be disappointed! Well, maybe, but we’ll get to that. While the season one finale left us with a million questions, season 2 answers a few of them.

We get new, fun characters in the likes of Matteo (Paulo Costanzo), a leader in the anti-tech group the Ludz who are there to shake up the world. As well as a new angel in training, Tinsley (Mackenzie Cardwell) who is also obsessed with Nathan. This season does a great job of adding new without forgetting the rest. I love that the series dove deeper into goofball Luke’s (Kevin Bigley) life. We learn that while on the outside he’s a big kid, he’s actually a leader, a friend, and a military man that all of his buddies respect.


I enjoy how season 2 progresses the story along. However, I do not love that the season is only 7 episodes!! I need answers to why this was the choice. Was it a pandemic filming issue? Did they get shut down early? With how the final episodes were building, the finale of episode 7 is upsetting while also incredibly unsatisfying. I would have waited an extra six months for 3 more episodes. Hopefully, season 3 is greenlit soon and not far behind. 

Make sure to check out season 2 of UPLOAD streaming on Prime Video on March 11, 2022! And stay tuned to THS for more reviews and news!