Anyone excited for Warren Ellis’ newest animated/anime-esque series: FreakAngels? Well, it seems like Crunchyroll is certainly excited for it. Why else would they release an exclusive new clip from the first episode for us to enjoy? Check it out below:

British X-Men Inbound?

Is it just me, or do they seem a bit…dysfunctional?

Crunchyroll released this roughly 3 and a half minutes long clip from the first episode of FreakAngels on YouTube. The clip shows a slightly…dysfunctional group of teenagers at a gathering of some kind. With psychic powers, no less. Hijinks ensue involving said psychic powers, and psychic powers are needed to stop said hijinks. It honestly feels like X-Men, but if it took place in the UK. The last bits of the clip reveals that the gathering was about someone named Mark, and what they should do about his alleged return. Unfortunately, a surprise attack involving armed thugs (with guns and mortars, no less) interrupts the gathering and forces them to defend themselves.

Who are these thugs, and why are they targeting the main cast? Well, that’s what we’ll find out when FreakAngels premieres on January 27, 2022. It’s also going to be a Crunchyroll exclusive, but that’s alright. They usually let you watch for free so long as you don’t mind some ads mixed in. Let’s hope that’s the case here, and that they don’t lock it behind a paywall.

FreakAngels: Details

"FreakAngels" key art.
Definitely looks like a British X-Men, but crossed over with Mad Max.

On top of that exclusive clip, Crunchyroll has also released the English voice cast for FreakAngels. And I do mean English, since all of them speak in an appropriately British accent. No idea if there’s going to be one with Japanese audio, but maybe that’ll be for later. In the meantime, check out the English voice actors and character bios below:

English Voice Cast and Character Bios:

  • KK voiced by Marsha Thomason (Castlevania). A swaggering gearhead, the sort of cool mechanic girl who’ll drink all your beer, set light to your house and drive off on your motorbike. KK is the spiky, violent big sister of the FreakAngels.
  • Arkady voiced by Julie Nathanson (Great Pretender). Eccentric, can seem like a playful child. Arkady is the most powerful person in the world, but she’s dizzy and fragile. In private, she’s exploring her powers. A gentle woman with a storm inside her.
  • Jack voiced by  Tru Valentino (The Cuphead Show). A loner and a sailor who prefers to work with his hands, Jack keeps busy using his boat to scavenge flooded London for supplies and fend off raiders. He’s the classic model of stoic manhood.
  • Sirkka voiced by Nazneen Contractor (Star Wars Resistance). She’s a sincere pacifist, but her high morals and polyamorous lifestyle can sometimes cause friction with the other FreakAngels, especially Jack.
  • Connor voiced by Christian Lees (PISTOL). The damaged soul. Connor is up in his own head. He thinks too much. He’s warm and emotional, with thin skin. He’s going to have to pull himself together to pull the group together in the face of the threats to come.
  • Mark voiced by  Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries). Mark is the FreakAngel who was exiled. He used his powers to control people, and they threw him out. Since then, he’s been roaming Britain, getting stronger, laying plans.
  • Luke voiced by Chris Geere (Animaniacs, Detective Pikachu). A rogue intellectual with a university poshness. He’s broken, toxic, impossibly charming until you see his damage up close.
  • Kat voiced by Victoria Atkin (Assassin’s Creed). Self-appointed “cop” of Whitechapel. She is quite mad, but devoted to everyone’s safety. Solitary but intimidating.
  • Miki voiced by Mallory Low (DC Super Hero Girls, Final Fantasy VII Remake). The medic. Her wit is razor sharp. Good at healing people, not so good at talking to them.
  • Caz voiced by  Anniwaa Buachie (X-Men ‘97). An urban engineer. She will build her way to a better future. She is the most mature and self-aware member of the group.
  • Karl voiced by Darren Jacobs (Death StrandingGenshin Impact). Telepathy is strong with Karl; he isolates in his garden for mental quiet. Kirk is the only one he can stand. Prefers to tend to his garden, alone.
  • Kirk voiced by Tru Valentino (The Cuphead Show). Totally devoted to Karl, pissed off with everything else. He misses the old world, and is slow to trust anyone while very quick to anger.
  • Alice voiced by Della Saba (Ralph Breaks the Internet, Steven Universe). Resourceful and takes no shit. She was barely a teen when “the world ended,” and grew up with no support and no pity.

Source: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube