2021 was a great year for movies. From Spider-man No Way Home to Dune there was something for everyone to enjoy. Well, with great movies also comes great scores. I mean the movies would not be the same without them, right? So here is a look at my Top 5 Movie Scores from 2021.

To pick just 5 movie scores of 2021 was not an easy task. I graded them based on how the film score plays with the movie, how it plays by itself as an album and memorable themes.  Now turn the volume up to 11 as we look at my top 5 movie scores of the year.

5. The French Dispatch by Alexandre Desplat   


Scores from Oscar winner Alexandre Desplat always stand out and never sound the same. Listen to his work for the films The Grand Budapest Hotel and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. You will hear the versatility of his music. When it comes to Desplat’s music for The French Dispatch it’s a case of the score being more enjoyable than the film. I found myself at times losing interest or wandering, but then his music brought me right back.  

Favorite Track: “Obituary”  

4. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings by Joel P West


At first, this was a lock to make my list. I took it off at different stages because I didn’t want readers to dismiss the list if a superhero movie was on it. Then it hit me! This score deserves to be on my list and people need to take comic book movie scores more seriously. If I did my list solely based on most plays, this would be my top film score album. Composer Joel P West does a great job using themes to represent the different influences of the film, the characters, and the epic Marvel moments. Shout out to the movie’s Various Artists Album.  

Favorite Track: “The Light and the Dark”  

3. King Richard by Kris Bowers 


My introduction to Kris Bowers’ music was from the hit show Bridgerton, and from that, I went and checked out the rest of his film music. Sports movie scores have a history of being uplifting and raising emotions in big moments. For King Richard, Bowers created a score that invests you emotionally with the Williams family journey and connects you with them during every moment on and off the court. The score for this film was an ace.  

Favorite Track: “Family”  

2. Dune by Hans Zimmer  

A score that I’ve seen on so many lists and is always brought up when discussing this film. It’s earned. I remember sitting in a Dolby movie theater and feeling this score. That’s not a figure of speech. The score for this movie was turned up to 11 and brought the audience into the world of Dune. Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer has given us many iconic scores, and you can tell with this one he dug deep to deliver us something, unlike anything we’ve ever heard. This score was number one for the longest time but just missed out.   

Favorite Track: Ripples in the Sand  

1. Spider-Man: No Way Home by Michael Giacchino

Michael Giacchino is an Oscar winner and is still underrated. His music brings the themes of the whole Tom Holland trilogy together, connects the Spider-Man multiverse, and creates new music for returning and new characters on their journey. The aspect of his music that I appreciated the most was his music for the more heartfelt moments. In this film Peter Parker and Spider-Man encounter so many world-changing events, and with Giacchino’s score the emotions are amped up to make everyone’s spidey senses tingle.  

Favorite Track: “Forget Me Knots”

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