Iron Maiden are Iron Maiden, and they don’t care about what you think of them. That’s really the distillation of lead singer Bruce Dickinson‘s comments to Yahoo earlier last week. The band had a legendary battle with artist Drake over the number one spot on the UK Album Charts earlier this year. They couldn’t get to the top spot, but the band got second with their new album Senjutsu.

In the interview, Bruce had some surprising things to say about the charts and Drake’s music.

We went head to head with Drake the week the album was released. I don’t really get what he does, though a lot of people do, but going head to head with him felt like, ‘No this is real music played by a bunch of old geezers who make no concessions to the times in which we live. People say, ‘You’re dinosaurs.’ And we go, ‘Yeah and there aren’t too many of those left.’This is who we are, it’s what we do.

He also had some to say about the band and their social media presence (or lack thereof).

By and large our audience as moved on with us. Maiden’s audience is like a table made of plywood; every year you just add a new layer and the table gets bigger and bigger. We’ve grown organically – not through social media or any of that stuff. We’ve grown by going out and doing it in front of people.

Iron Maiden Back On Tour In 2022

The band is hitting the road for a new leg of the Legacy of the Beast World Tour in 2022. They’re going around the world including stops in the UK, US, South America, and more. Bruce had one last thing to hype fans up for the upcoming shows.

I can’t wait to get back out there and play these songs. We’re still fired up and to get back together in a room with the guys to just play music is something I’m looking forward to more than you can ever imagine.

Iron Maiden aren’t going to change, so if you don’t like the current band and their style, hit the road. We’ll have to see what songs they play on the upcoming second leg of the tour.

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Source: Yahoo

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