In his new National Geographic series on Disney+, Will Smith teams up with fellow adventurers to explore our world of wonder.  

Welcome To Earth – The Short.  

Welcome to Earth

If you are a fan of adventure series you will want to check out Welcome to Earth starring Will Smith on Disney+. Join Smith on his adventures as you explore our world with National GeographicYou only think you know Earth. Smith pushes his limits to uncover and show us just how many hidden worlds there are on this planet. Watch and be truly amazed and welcomed to this wonderful planet! 

Welcome To Earth -The Long! 

Welcome to Earth

The name of the show Welcome to Earth comes from one of his most popular films and quotable lines. However, in this new series, it takes on a whole new meaning. In this six-episode series, we follow Will Smith as he explores oceans, volcanoes, the Serengeti, and so much more. Smith does a great job being his entertaining self while keeping you interested in his journeys around the world. What I enjoyed most about Smith’s hosting is getting to see a vulnerable side of him. On his adventures, we see Smith is a real person with fears and insecurities; not only exploring and learning about the world, but it’s also about his own self-discovery. 

To help with this narrative, the series jumps back and forth between the vibrant colors of the adventures to the black and white more personal moments. This is a great touch because when you come back from those personal black and white moments you get transported back to the adventures and you see how truly colorful the world is. In the end, Smith sees a whole new side to Earth and realizes there is still so much to explore in this world. The planet is telling him “Welcome to Earth” because, after these adventures, he’s now truly living on this planet. After each episode or after the series, I recommend checking out the fun behind-the-scenes extras.

Will Smith/Fresh Prince Music Rushmore! 

Here is my favorite Will Smith/Fresh Prince Song Rushmore:  A Nightmare On My Street, Switch, Men In Black, and Boom! Shake the Room.  

Bonus personal Will Smith fun fact! 

The scene is me out of my element at a country-themed bar. At this bar, the line dancing area is a big draw. The whole night I watched the line dancing from the sidelines because dancing is not a strong area for me. Then Will Smith’s Men In Black song comes on. Excited me rushed to the dance floor and used the moves Will Smith taught younger me in his cool 90’s music video. Thanks, Will Smith!  

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