One of the best horror directors of all time, adapting a story from one of the best horror writers of all time. That sounds like a great idea to me. Guillermo Del Toro wants to make that happen. In an interview with The Kingcast, Guillermo Del Toro said he would love to adapt a Stephen King book. He even has a specific one in mind.

The Man Behind The Camera

As mentioned, Guillermo Del Toro is arguably one of the best directors. He is most famous for his movies like Pan’s Labyrinth, The Devil’s Backbone, and Crimson Peak. Many of his films have dark themes with a hint of gothic horror. He also has a way of making his monsters so different than other filmmakers. He has a distinctive style that draws people in. Especially when it comes to horror

The Man Behind The Pen

Now, on the other hand, we have the best horror writer. That honor goes to Stephen King. Even if he is not the best, he is one of the most well-known writers. His books are famous for their horror, such as Pennywise the dancing clown from It, or the rabid dog from Cujo. Whichever story you most think of, there is one that scares you the most. King writes in such a way that it adds details that make the words jump out of the page.

That being said, it makes sense for these two to collaborate. That is exactly what Del Toro wants to do. During the interview, he says

“You know the novel that I would have killed to adapt, and I know there’s two versions of it, and I still think maybe in a deranged universe I get to do it again one day is Pet Sementary. Because it not only has the very best final couple of lines, but scared me when I was a young man. And as a father, I now understand it better than I ever would have, and it scares me. A hundred times more”

The two adaptions he talks about are 1989 and 2019. Both are great in their own right but imagine one with Del Toro’s aesthetics. As a fan of both director and writer, I think they would make one scary awesome movie to watch. Tell me whether you would like to see Guillermo Del Toro adapt one of Stephen King’s books. If so, which one would you pick? Let me know in the comments down below.

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