November 12 marks Disney+ Day… And more importantly for fans of The Boys, Vought+ Day!

The Amazon Prime dark superhero series decided to take celebrating corporate streaming into their own hands. In a new video, some of your favorite Supes take the opportunity to introduce you to the ins and outs of Vought+.

“Here’s a look at what’s coming up from America’s favorite streaming platform,” reads the Tweet accompanying the video. “Sign up now before the subscription increase next week.”

Vought+ promises you access to all your favorite kinds of programming, from news and sports to celebrity gossip. Plus, they’re also making a commitment to telling diverse stories.

Basically, they’ve pulled off an ad that looks exactly like every other streaming service ad ever. Bravo, Vought+.

Production on The Boys season 3 wrapped in September. A release date for the new season hasn’t been announced yet though. The upcoming season will feature a number of new cast members, including Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess. Season 3 will also include three supes totally new to the show (ones who never appeared in the original graphic novels.)

So, who’s up for a Vought+ subscription?

If you’re interested in actually learning about the news coming out of real streaming services today, check out our coverage of Disney+ Day.

Source: Vought International Twitter