Hello everyone, Professor Hulk here delivering all the latest scoops and movie news. After a long wait, we can finally exclusively share casting information for the Mahershala Ali led Blade reboot. This casting also is hugely important in that it strongly hints at the direction of the film, possible villains, and so much more!

We can exclusively share that Marvel is casting for a young pre-teen African-American girl. This character is described as being ‘Confident, self-determined and fiery’. With there being mention of her tough exterior and more complex vulnerable side that surprises and shocks both her and those around her. The role has been described as being a strong supporting role. Meaning that this character is a hugely important part of the story.

Details Regarding Lilith Drake And Blade

I believe this to be Lilith Drake, who in Marvel Comics is the daughter of Dracula. She grows up resenting and hating Dracula. While they bounce back and forth in the comics and reconcile or fight, they have an overall complex relationship, which seems alluded to in the casting call. Casting Lilith in Blade makes sense, as it puts Blade between Lilith and Dracula. That could make for a compelling conflict in the film. Now in the comics Lilith is much older, so she would be aged down for the movie, but this could be to play up her more vulnerable side. In the comics, Dracula casts her out which would set her up to have that tough exterior.

While also a fake name for the casting process, the character was given the name, Ruby, which in the comics Lilith is adorned with a black and ruby red outfit, so that would certainly be a clever way to hide her true identity during the casting process, but I think this only leads further credence to this being Lilith.

So, what do you want to see out of a young Lilith in the upcoming Blade film? What do you think of Marvel possibly pitting Blade against Dracula himself?

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