The year was 1986 gas was at a whopping 86 cents a gallon, Top Gun was flying into the box office, and a furry alien wise guy crashed into the Tanner family garage on NBC. The name of that alien is ALF! Well thanks to NECA we now can celebrate this classic NBC sitcom with their new The Ultimate ALF action figure.

NECA The Ultimate ALF action figure

“Happy 35th anniversary to our favorite Melmacian! This smart-mouthed Alien Life Form is our ’80s spirit animal. The Ultimate ALF action figure crash lands on this planet in Spring 2022. #alf”

As of now, there is no other information (including retail cost) released on The Ultimate ALF action figure. Put as they said in their Facebook post, you can expect this figure sometime in the Spring of 2022. Let’s just hope it is not a store exclusive that will be hard to get.

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Source: NECA