Set in the 1970s and ’80s, Cry Macho starring Clint Eastwood was about as predictable as the sun setting and lacked the excitement of some of his older films. Eastwood, who plays Mike does what he does best, and that is playing a rugged cowboy who plays by his own rules. Based on the 1975 novel by Richard Nash, Mike, a former rodeo star whose career ended after breaking his back, is now making a living working on a ranch for a man named Howard (Dwight Yokem). After being fired by Howard, Mike finds himself again being asked to do a job for Howard. This job would require Mike to drive to Mexico to retrieve Howard’s estranged son Rafo (Eduardo Minett) back to Texas. Well of course Mike takes the job and heads to Mexico. But of course, once he gets there he learns that Rafo’s mother, Leta (Fernanda Urrejola) isn’t going to let her son go that easily.

My Thoughts On Cry Macho

OK now, don’t get me wrong Cry Macho wasn’t bad it just lacked some mystery and excitement to keep you engrossed in the movie. Just about everything in this movie was way too predictable. I mean would you help your old boss after being fired by him? Well, Mike did and the job was almost too easy. He really had no problem finding Rafo and his trusted rooster Macho, at a cockfight, and convincing him to come back to Texas. Oh, wait here comes the complications, now Rafo’s mom steps in and wants him to stay in Mexico. To try to keep Rafo there Leta sends her goons after them.

We are almost in the same story with both Gran Torino and The Mule. Instead of being a grumpy bigot, he is now a grumpy man that’s has lost everything (career and family). The relationship between Mike and Rafo was ok. At first, it was in that awkward you are not my dad stage then the relationship grew over overtime. I just feel like the movie could have done more with this. They really missed making this a more meaningful and emotional time between the two, instead, it was unengaging and at times stale.

Cry Macho

In Conclusion

If you are a die-hard Clint Eastwood fan then Cry Macho of course is a must-watch for you. But for someone that isn’t, I wouldn’t put it on your must-watch list. While it is always great to see Eastwood in cowboy form, this drama just lacks the excitement of some of his best pictures. Again it was not a bad film it was just too predictable and the storyline just did not pull me in. The best thing about this movie was that Clint Eastwood was in it.

Cry Macho opens in the US in theatres and on HBO Max this Friday, September 17.

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