Iron Maiden are back! Their new album Senjutsu releases around the world on September 3rd, 2021. Check out the new video they put out with Adrian Smith talking about various aspects of the new record. It’s an insightful look into what’s going on with the album.

Smith goes through how they recorded the record. They did a similar style to albums like A Matter of Life and Death and The Book of Souls where they played the album basically live on the recording. For some of the longer songs they played them in parts. He also says there’s some departures from the Iron Maiden sound, which is consistent with what Bruce Dickinson has said about it as well. He mentions “Writing on the Wall” and “Days of Future Past” in particular as highlights from the record.

Some people had criticisms for “Writing on the Wall” as sounding too country or folky, but he pushes back on that here. It’s an album that has multiple styles and he praises the mix and sound on the album. Smith finishes by stating how great he thinks it’ll be in a live situation. Which is after all, where Iron Maiden does their best work. When the songs translate well to a live audience, they’re always smash hits.

So, are you excited for Senjutsu? What do you think of Adrian Smith and his comments on the record?

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