Well, Ranger Nation the time has come. All the flashbacks in each issue has been laying the foundation. For what? For one of the most iconic characters in all of Ranger history! Your whole world is about to change!


Sorry Rangers but this issue is too important to spoil. This will be the second or third time, I have chosen not to do a review. Solely based on the fact this issue is a MUST READ! Get it in your hands! I will bet all my morphers this will sell fast and we could see a second printing. What I will give you are a few preview pages and you can come up with your own conclusions.

Follow Me To The Past

What CAN I Say…

This whole issue takes place 10,000 years ago. So we are getting the origin of something ancient. Ryan Parrott has written such an amazing issue and for Don Mora to bring his words to life, MASTERPIECE! By the end of the issue, the little things we’ve been seeing over the past several issues will start to make sense!

A Tasty Teaser…

So can you guess what’s going to happen? NO?! Then what are you waiting for? Get in your Zord and get down to your Local Comic Shoppe. Also, we have an interview coming up soon on our YouTube Channel WITH Ryan Parrott discussing this issue. Make sure you’re subscribed.

Ranger Thoughts From The Grid

Like I’ve gone over and over already. This Issue will change your whole perspective on the Ranger Universe! So well written and the art is amazing! Speaking of art check out these covers

All covers except Don Mora’s come with standard and Virgin Variants. There is another cover by Dan Mora that is a total spoiler and sorry I won’t be that guy!

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