For the second year in a row, Comic-Con is in the comfy confines of fans’ homes rather than the more cavernous Hall H. Once again, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick moderated the panel for Fear the Walking Dead. With the first 8 episodes of season 7 set to kick off on October 17th (or one week earlier on AMC+), Hardwick talked to cast and showrunners about the upcoming season.

The panel included Scott M. Gimple, Ian B. Goldberg, Andrew Chambliss, Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Jenna Elfman, Karen David, Mo Collins, and Christine Evangelista. For the full panel, you can watch it here.

Morgan faces an uncertain future with a baby and a nuclear apocalypse.


After the nuclear events of the season 6 finale, season 7 promises to be a season of hardship. Producers say that the bombs were a way to set the show back to zero. Along with the new apocalypse, there is “a new brand of human adversary.” No word on what that adversary looks like. When asked about the inspiration for the new season, the producers mentioned Mad Max, The Hills Have Eyes, The Neverending Story, and The Wrestler. Judging by the smoky clips, whoever the adversaries are, they are going to be very covered up.

In addition to a new world landscape, there will be new and returning cast members. Sydney Lemmon will return as Isabelle. Also returning is Omid Abtahi as Howard. As for new characters, Gus Halper will join the cast in an unnamed role.


Scott M. Gimple talked about The Walking Dead Universe as a whole. Each series is a piece of a greater mythology. In that mythology, CRM has info on the greater world. Because Fear the Walking Dead takes place well before The Walking Dead: World Beyond and The Walking Dead, we do not know just yet how the series fits into the puzzle. As Gimple notes, each series is about the individual journeys rather than serving the mythology. We may get elements that connect to the other series, but the focus will continue to be on these characters and their individual stories.


Morgan and Grace will be making a home for themselves in the submarine with the baby and dog they found at the end of season 6. Lennie James joked that Morgan was lucky to have Grace as a partner in this new apocalypse because she can yell at him. “Don’t do that you idiot, you’ll die!” Lennie said. James explained that Morgan and Grace had been ready to die until the baby had renewed their will to go on. James notes that “finding hope” is the theme of season 7. Karen David explained that Morgan’s need for Grace’s nuclear expertise gives Grace purpose. Despite Grace’s tragedy, she can bury herself in work. When asked what David loved most about being Grace, David noted that she loved Grace’s ability to change and evolve.


When we last saw Alicia, Teddy’s people had locked her in a bunker. Alycia Debnam-Carey noted that in the upcoming season, Alicia learns to be a leader. Though Alicia had always been a reluctant one, the bunker will change her. When asked what character had the greatest impact on Alicia, Alycia noted that although Strand had been a strong influence, Morgan grounded the character. Also announced for the upcoming season, Debnam-Carey will direct an episode of the show.


Colman Domingo discussed Victor Strand’s instincts for survival. At the end of last season, Strand’s darker instincts had saved him again. Domingo noted that Strand is now free to be his most authentic self. “He will out Victor Strand, Victor Strand,” Domingo said.


Although there were no hints about Luciana’s path next season, the panel did discuss her as a character. Danay Garcia explained that every character had a filter to survive. For Luciana, she goes along to get along and make a home. Garcia said to expect that Luciana would either explode or transform in the next season.


Rounding out the panel were Mo Collins (Sarah) and Christine Evangelista (Sherry). Collins could not say much about Sarah’s helicopter exit at the end of last season, but she did note that the character would have to learn to live without Wendell. As for Sherry, Evangelista said that the reunion of Sherry and Dwight resounded with people after a year spent in isolation. Evangelista said to expect more of that emotional healing next season.

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