It’s that time again. You’ve reached the part of the year where you absolutely need some spooky and scary content. Halloween is still a ways away. Then you find it, the oasis in the middle of a desert of non-horror content and streaming services. The place where horror is on all year round, Shudder. They’ve got some fantastic content coming out in August to kick off the rightful march to Halloween. Check out all the original and legacy content that Shudder has coming for us below!

New Shudder Original Series

Slasher: Flesh & Blood – August 12

A wealthy but dysfunctional family gathers for a reunion on a secluded island only to learn they’ll be pitted
against one another in a cruel game of life and death, all while being stalked by a mysterious masked killer.
Nothing is what it seems, and no one is safe as the tension – and body count – ratchets up. Starring David
Cronenberg (The Fly, Videodrome) alongside cast members from previous installments of the Slasher
franchise in brand new roles, including Paula Brancati (Dark Oracle), Jefferson Brown (Carrie), Patrice
Goodman (Sunnyside), Sabrina Grdevich (A.I. Artificial Intelligence), and Christopher Jacot (Going the
Distance). New to the franchise are Rachael Crawford (Heartland), Jeananne Goosen (The Walking Dead),
Sydney Meyer (Departure) and Alex Ozerov (The Americans).

This one has new episodes every Thursday after the premiere.

New Original And Streaming Exclusive Films

Teddy – August 5th

Twentysomething Teddy lives in a foster home and works as a temp in a massage parlor. Rebecca, his
girlfriend, will soon graduate. A scorching hot summer begins. But Teddy is scratched by a beast in the
woods: the wolf that local angry farmers have been hunting for months. As weeks go by, animal impulses
soon start to overcome the young man. Directed by Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma. Starring
Anthony Bajon (The Prayer), Ludovic Torrent, Christine Gautier, Noémie Lvovsky, Guillaume Mattera,
Jean-Paul Fabre, Alexis Orlandini, Gérard Pau and Jean-Michel Ricart.

Bleed With Me – August 10th

Rowan, a vulnerable outsider, is thrilled when the seemingly perfect Emily invites her on a winter getaway
to an isolated cabin in the woods. Trust soon turns to paranoia when Rowan wakes up with mysterious
incisions on her arm. Haunted by dream-like visions, Rowan starts to suspect that her friend is drugging her
and stealing her blood. She’s paralyzed by the fear of losing Emily, but she must fight back before she loses
her mind. Bleed With Me is a psychological horror that juxtaposes tenderness and violence in an
investigation of female intimacy and dangerous codependency. Directed by Amelia Moses. Starring Lee
Marshall, Lauren Beatty and Aris Tyros.

Jakob’s Wife – August 19th

Anne is in her late 50s and feels like her life and marriage have been shrinking over the past thirty years.
Through a chance encounter with a stranger, she discovers a new sense of power and an appetite to live
bigger and bolder than before. However, these changes come with a toll on her marriage and a heavy body
count. Directed by Travis Stevens (Girl on the Third Floor). Starring horror icons Barbara Crampton
(You’re Next) and Larry Fessenden (The Dead Don’t Die), Bonnie Aarons (The Nun), Nyisha Bell, Mark
Kelly, Sarah Lind, Robert Rusler, and Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk).

You can check out our interview we did with the cast of Jakob’s Wife right here!

Mosquito State – August 26th

August 2007. Isolated in his austere penthouse overlooking Central Park, obsessive Wall Street data
analyst Richard Boca sees ominous patterns: His computer models are behaving erratically, as are the
swarms of mosquitos breeding in his apartment, an infestation that attends his psychological meltdown.
Directed by Filip Jan Rymsza. Co-written by Rymsza and Mario Zermeno. Starring Beau Knapp (The
Good Lord Bird), Charlotte Vega (Wrong Turn), Jack Kesy (Claws) and Olivier Martinez (Texas Rising).

New Additions To The Shudder Movie Library

August 1st


A dysfunctional family of three stop by a mansion during a storm. The travelers’ young daughter
discovers that the mansion’s elderly owners are magical toy makers that have a haunted collection
of dolls.


After a tragic accident, a man conjures up a towering, vengeful demon called Pumpkinhead to
destroy a group of unsuspecting teenagers.

Witchfinder General (aka The Conqueror Worm)

Starring horror icon Vincent Price, a young soldier seeks to put an end to the evils caused by a
vicious witch-hunter when the latter terrorizes his fiancée and kills her uncle.

Dead Calm

After a tragedy, John Ingram and his wife, Rae, are spending some time isolated at sea when they
come across a stranger who has abandoned a sinking ship.

August 3rd

Good Manners

Clara, a lonely nurse from the outskirts of São Paulo, is hired by mysterious and wealthy Ana as
the nanny for her unborn child. The two women develop a strong bond, but a fateful night changes
their plans

August 9th

The Dead Pit

A renegade doctor is shot dead and entombed with his fiendish experiments in the basement of an
abandoned wing of a mental hospital. Twenty years later, a mysterious woman is admitted with
amnesia, and her arrival is marked by an earthquake that cracks the seal to the Dead Pit, freeing the
evil doctor to continue his work.


Directed by Amelia Moses, Grey is an indie singer who is having visions that she is a wolf. When
she gets an invitation to work with notorious music producer Vaughn Daniels at his remote studio
in the woods, she begins to find out who she really is.

August 16th

A Field In England

From director Ben Wheatley (In the Earth), during the Civil War in 17th century England, a group
of deserters flee from battle through an overgrown field. Captured by an alchemist, the men are
forced to help him search to find a hidden treasure that he believes is buried in the field.


A vagrant enters the lives of an arrogant upper class family, turning their lives into a psychological
nightmare in the process.

August 17th

Dave Made A Maze

Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living
room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps and
critters of his own creation.


A controlling mother uses telepathic powers to send her middle-aged son on a killing spree.

August 23rd

Cheap Thrills

A scheming couple put a struggling family man and his old friend through a series of increasingly
twisted dares over the course of an evening at a local bar.

Nothing Bad Can Happen

Inspired by horrifying true events, Tore, a young lost soul involved with an underground Christian
punk movement, falls in with a dysfunctional family who test his seemingly unwavering faith.