The Morphenominal Team at Nerdbot studios has released their second episode of Rise of the Ninja. Time to dive in and give you my thoughts from the Morphin Grid!

Connecting all the Ranger Martial Arts!

Knowing that in the Rangerverse each season has done their own thing. The writers have taken their artistic license and have intertwined them together. Touching on all of the Martial Arts based seasons: Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury, Ninja Steel even Ninjetti, and the Alien Rangers!

The bigger twist is this story spans across the Grid and Time too. With a new Red Wind Ranger from the ’90s, played by Colin Bass, who you would recognize from Power Rangers Shattered Past. His character, Jackson Brooks, is HEAVILY alluded to the fact that he is Waldo’s I mean Dustin’s dad from Ninja Storm. He is at the time in charge of the Wind Ninja Academy.

William Shewfelt reprises his role as Brody from Ninja Steel and is now on a quest as THE CHOSEN ONE to stop Daishi. Along the way, he meets classic ranger actors in a twist on from their previous ranger roles. Veteran Ranger actor Jessica Rey returns as Alyssa but not as Wild force white but a WHITE NINJETTI RANGER!

But don’t think that this is just another ranger fan film. The Nerdbot writers have added to the lore of all the ninjas including a Cyclone Samurai played by THS Alum D.J. Rivers! There is even an Infernal Ranger with the Power of Fire! That seems inspired by Dark Hurricane Red (it’s a black suit) from Hurricanger 10 Years later. Which as a Sentai fan I really appreciate!

Extending the Universe Further

Not only are they extending the Ranger Ninja Lore but Nerbot and Crimson Vision Studios are interweaving all their series thru each other! Dai Shi the big bad from Jungle fury is spanning time looking for vessels is going so far as to call upon Warlord VEX, played by Ranger LEGEND David Yost. This Power Rangers: EXTENDED UNIVERSE is shaping up to fulfill all your fanboy needs!

Have you seen all the other Series they are working on:

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What did you think of Episode 2? have you been watching the other projects? What Series would you like for them to delve into next? Let us know in the comments below! While you’re at it head on over to our That Hashtag Show Facebook page and share pics of your collection. Also, make sure to follow me at OFF THE CUFF GAMING on Facebook and YouTube.

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