The Magic series from Boom! Studios is filling the gaps in storytelling that Magic: the Gathering has had for awhile. Sure, you get a new story with each set that comes out, but what about the stories that need a bit more explanation? This time around in Magic #4, from writer Jed MacKay and illustrator Ig Guara, we get some more answers to the questions that Magic #3 left off. It turns out that the Dimir guild aren’t the big baddies we thought they were. Their guildhome, Duskmantle, was destroyed in an attack, and we have to find out why.

The three heroes, Ral Zarek, Vraska, and Kaya get the answers they need from an unlikely source: the Dimir Guild.

Less Action, Bigger Moments In Magic #3

The first couple issues might have been a bit more action-packed than these last two, but that’s for good reason. You need the action to get people interested. Then the writing does the heavy lifting. In Magic #4, we get plenty of news about the whole plot to destroy Ravnica. Ral, Kaya, and Vraska get a visit from Lazav in their dreams to show them what’s really going on. The messenger being the head of the Dimir guild is sketchy enough, but the evidence adds up.

Eventually the whole thing comes to a head. We get armies of the Golgari, Izzet, and Orzhov complete with a badass line from Kaya.

–Gather up some debt collectors, we’re going out to crack some skulls–

Kaya, Orzhov Guildmaster

They’re met with the “real” villains of the plot against Ravnica. The people behind the hospital for the guildless. Of course, the armies of three guilds marching on a hospital with defenseless civilians isn’t a good look. Aurelia, the guildmaster of the Boros Legion shows up to defend the peace. There’s no fighting here, but plenty of tension built up between the two groups. In the midst of the arguing, Tezzeret, one of the villains of Magic, is behind the plot.

Who’s The Real Baddie Here?

Overall, this was a pretty good issue. The storytelling was at the forefront and that only makes it stronger. it looks like we’ll get some big action scenes in the next issue. Aurelia showing up to warn the other Guilds of how strong the Boros Legion is, was a nice touch. I’m excited to see where it’s going, but hopefully the villain is someone new.

Tezzeret showing up seemingly points to Nicol Bolas as the big bad causing all of this. That would be EXTRAORDINARILY disappointing. Nicol Bolas is the crutch that held up Magic storytelling for years and I’m glad the card game isn’t using him as a villain any longer. Sure, they got to do their Avengers: Endgame ripoff involving Bolas that culminated in War of the Spark, but no one needs him around as a villain. There are plenty of others who can hold up the storytelling.

So here’s hoping that Magic #5 surprises and gives us a different villain. Who do you think it’ll be?

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