Sea of Thieves has come a long way since it’s launch. At first, it was a game with large ideas, but the execution was a bit off the mark. Now we’re in Season Three of the game, and they’ve really hit their stride. Partnering with Disney, they’re adding the ultimate Pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow to the game. They announced this partnership at Microsoft’s E3 Conference.

Today, the Pirate’s Life crossover begins. It’s a free update for players across all platforms (Xbox One, Series X/S, Windows 10, Steam). Players join Jack Sparrow for a thrilling original story. Xbox Wire detailed the story and more in their blog post. Here’s the synopsis for the expansion:

“A Pirate’s Life” is a collection of five carefully crafted Tall Tales forming an original story where Jack Sparrow stars alongside Sea of Thieves pirate crews of all sizes. Players will journey to strange, ethereal realms and dive deep below the waves on their quest to defeat the nefarious Davy Jones.