Let’s get right to it. After our last huge cliffhanger with Zedd offering to pull out if the Rangers hand over Zordon… Mighty Morphin #8 is good, but somewhat predictable.

The Origin of the Zeo Crystal

With Zordon and his allies in the Palace of the Zeo Crystal. They go on about the fairy tale they all grew up hearing, about the Zeon the Warrior God. The tale tells how he stopped the chaos demon Vitara by playing possum and then striking him with a crystal that became a physical embodiment of the Morphin Grid. Zorphram thinks maybe he should wield the zeo crystal and take out Dark Specter. He and Zordon have a back and forth, and Zordon reminds them that they are there to PROTECT the crystal, not use it!

Meanwhile, in Angel Grove, 10,000 Years Later

In a big, Mighty Morphin #8 time jump, we see Tommy is attempting to hold his own with the Tiger Megazord and gets the quick assits from Aisha in the Griffin Zord. Seems the Thunder Megazord was taking a long time to reboot so she detacted and came to the rescue.

You can see in the last panel a speech bubble that Matt has had enough of this charade. FINALLY joining the fight he contacts Billy to use the new systems installed in the upgraded Dragonzord. After he gets off the line, Zordon finally gives Billy a verbal thrashing that has been coming for a long time. Zordon goes as far and to verbally smack him upside his face. VERY HARSH WORDS, indeed!

Back to Matt – he is taking out the Prime Putties with ease till he gets to the center of the dome to take it out and free Angel Grove. He uses the new Dragonzord’s new “FIRE BREATH” blast to disable the dome freeing Angel Grove.

The rest of the team still dealing with Zedd’s proposal promptly tell him Nah and fight off the Choas Putties. Candice shows up and lends a hand. While the teens are fighting Zedd drones on about how this Zordon and the city were never his plan. It was his idea to plant the seed of a world without Rangers and he also kidnaps Candice at the same time he teleports away.

Mighty Morphin #8 moves forward a few weeks later to Bulk with his new podcast interviewing people, getting their take on the event that happened. And yes, we get to see the old lady whos purse was saved by the flea monster again. Bulk even got a few quotes from Matt about he and Promethea are here to protect the city. Some people buy it, others don’t. Looks like Grace was pulling the long con on Zedd, too.

Lastly, Skull gets on the air and asks for the citizens help to find his girlfriend. But little does he know his Eltarian Warrior Girlfriends is in a holding cell of Zedd’s.

Mighty Morphin #8: Thoughts from THE GRID

This is and easy read. It might be 24 pages but the story goes by so fast you’ll be done by the time you have to take it in. My take away from it is that what we are slowly starting to learn happened to Zordon in the past is going to boil over with the current circumstances and shock us all. You can already tell that in the way Zordon maliciously put down Billy, knowing exactly what words to eat him up inside.

I’m hoping that the next issue picks up the storytelling and give us something that has some gravitas. Right now I’m more invested in the Omega Rangers grandiose story than our Earth based Rangers.

COVERED like Spandex

Mighty Morphin #8: But wait there’s more!

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