We’ll just start off and say it’s never good when someone loses their job. WWE earlier this morning released the following superstars: Braun Strowman, Lana, Aleister Black, Ruby Riott, Murphy, and Santana Garrett. There’s no indication of why, or what the occasion for the releases is. When the pandemic first started, WWE did a huge round of cuts for budgetary reasons. It’s not like they’re strapped for cash at the moment. They have shows with crowds coming back soon, and they just signed a massive deal with NBCUniversal for the WWE Network to be on Peacock.

It could be the sign of a bigger deal emerging for WWE, but who knows. We don’t know. As for where they all could show up, that’s just as big of an unknown. Lana will surely join her husband, Miro in All Elite Wrestling. What about some of the other talent here? Ruby Riott would fit perfectly in with the AEW women’s division and give it a much needed kick in the ass. Murphy is great, and could really show up anywhere and fit in. Aleister Black as well, his aura and in-ring ability could place him anywhere. Santana Garrett could add to another women’s division, but I’m not sure where. Her character in WWE didn’t really fit with the AEW vibe. We’ll have to see on her end.

Braun Strowman Is The Big Question

Finally, the most perplexing release of them all: Braun Strowman. He was built up exclusively by WWE. He’s a home-grown talent, so why release him? After his tweets about independent wrestling a couple years ago, he’ll have a hard time in those locker rooms. I can’t see him going to AEW or any of the other big promotions outside WWE. So IMPACT Wresting might be a choice, but who knows what their situation with AEW means through all of this. Tony Khan could own IMPACT for all we know. Either way, this is a sad time for these performers, let’s hope they all get back on their feet.

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