Amazon’s Panic gives us a wide range of things to be scared of, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so successful. Each new challenge feeds on a different fear: heights, claustrophobia…you can name it, you can Panic-ify it.

So naturally, we asked the cast of Panic to design the challenge that would be hardest for them. What emerged was… a lot of animal fears, actually.

“For me personally, it would be like an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark snake pit thing,” said Olivia Welch. “If that was my individual challenge and I would feel like, ‘I absolutely can’t do this.’”

Her co-star Jessica Sula offered up a different creature challenge.

“I am trying to think of one about driving… You have to drive…but the car is full of rats! I’m talking like packed with rats. It’s packed and you have to drive an hour,” Sula said.

“Do they put you through the sunroof?” Welch questioned.

“You get in first, and then they put in the rats. So you also have to sit there as your rats are coming in…Oh, that’s nuts,” Sula continued. “That works. That’s spooky. My dad’s favorite book is The Rats and he was like, it’s so scary. You got to read it. So, I’m doing him a favor on this one.”

So, we’ve got snakes, rats, and—for Ray Nicholson—sharks.

“Swimming with sharks at night,” Nicholson suggested. “I’m afraid of the dark, a little bit, and not being able to see them coming is part of the torture. And they’re monsters, sharks, they’re literally monsters. Anyone that argues against that, I get it, they’re good for the world. But anything that can eat me, I’m out. Getting eaten alive would be the worst.”

In fact, the only cast member who offered up a non-animal fear was Camron Boyd.

“My challenge would be having to fly a plane by myself. Cause I’m terrified of flights and I’m terrified of turbulence,” said Boyd. “So that would be absolutely scary for me, for sure. Give me a parachute, I’m out.”

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Season 1 of Panic is streaming now on Amazon Prime.