In Amazon’s series Panic, graduating seniors in a small town compete in a series of challenges to win money. 

The catch? Those challenges are designed to test their nerve—from cliff diving, to crossing a highway blindfolded, to being buried alive—and the results can be deadly.

I know what you’re thinking. With stakes so high, why play? Well, the prize is tens of thousands of dollars. And that means the chance to get out of their small town once and for all.

“I think it’s so crazy, but I also get why kids would do this,” said Olivia Welch, who plays Heather on Panic.

“Totally, I completely get it,” agreed Jessica Sula, who plays Natalie. “It’s also just fascinating because these kids have been devising this since I don’t know when, and keeping it going themselves. It’s so slick. It’s very organized, they’re very organized kids.”

But even though the cast gets how the teens in Panic end up playing the game, make no mistake: they wouldn’t jump in themselves.

“Not a chance!” said Ray Nicholson, when asked if he would play.

“Absolutely not,” agreed Camron Jones. “I think people at my school would have played though. But I don’t recommend playing it. Please, don’t. It’s just a TV show guys.”

“No, don’t do Panic!” said Sula. “No, we don’t need that one in real life.”

So in other words…watch Panic on Amazon, but don’t play Panic IRL. (Fair enough!)

Check out our full interviews with the cast below to learn what challenge on the show they found the scariest, and what challenge they’d design for themselves.

Panic premieres on Amazon Prime May 28.