Story Synopsis: Animal Man (2011-2014) Vol. 1: The Hunt

Buddy Baker has the power of the entire animal kingdom at his fingertips, but can his powers help him be a good dad and protect his daughter?  Find out how Baker deals with his daughter’s newfound powers in this week’s Comic Rewind, Animal Man (2011-2014) Vol. 1: The Hunt.

Baker gained the power to borrow the abilities of animals and create a bond with the animals around him if exposed for an extended period of time.  This power allowed him to have the strength of a rhino and be as nimble as a fly, but be as heavy as an elephant.  Baker took this new ability and used it to fight crime as Animal Man.

Animal Man

However, one night Baker’s family got a surprise when they found out their daughter, Maxine, inherited her father’s powers and more.  Maxine could resurrect dead animals and talk to them.  Her ability manifested quickly and she immediately could control it.  Baker and his daughter took a trip into another world and found out they are at the start of a war between the Red and the Green vs the Rot.  Maxine was revealed to be the avatar of the Red and Swamp Thing, the avatar of the Green.

Buddy and Maxine must find a way to find Swamp Thing and find a way to defeat the Rot before all life ends.

Animal Man (2011-2014) Vol. 1: The Hunt was written by Jeff Lemire with art by Travel Foreman.  DC Comics published the volume in 2013.

Animal Man Is Less Super Hero And More Blood And Guts

I haven’t read a DC book in a long time and wanted to give DC another shot.  I had trouble finding a DC comic I haven’t read already and also looked interesting.  So I decided to re-read a comic, but not Batman, Superman or Justice League.  This led me to Animal Man.

I read this years ago and remembered it being one of my favorite comics of the year.  This time was no different.  My only complaint was that I couldn’t put it down and wanted to read the entire series.  

Many comic volumes tell a single story per volume with an overarching story, but not this one.  This is all one story and the end of each volume only sucks you in more.  This didn’t help me put it down.

Animal Man

Baker may be a superhero, but this is not a superhero comic.  This is very much a horror comic.  The art is grotesque at times in a good way.  I’m a sucker for good horror.  However, the story is very deep and intriguing and didn’t rely on shock to push the story forward.

One of the best parts of the comic is that the reader doesn’t need to know anything about Animal Man or even DC.  It is truly a standalone volume for anyone who loves horror.

If you love horror or want to read a non-superhero DC comic and don’t want to read Sandman then this is your new favorite comic.



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