If you have been reading the current Marvel Comics Star Wars: Darth Vader series then you know that Vader has been on a hell of a ride. From being left for dead again on Mustafar to finding Exegol, Vader’s punishment from Palpatine was to remind him that fear, anger, and suffering are the path to true power. Not only has this series showed us the struggles Vader has had on his path to the dark side, but it also ties in a lot of the entire Skywalker Saga as well. Issue #11 wasn’t any different, we finally got an answer to a question that has been asked for many years… What happened to Luke Skywalker’s hand?

Luke Skywalker's hand goes flying

Where Did Luke Skywalker’s Hand Go?

You really have to give Darth Vader a “hand”, after being left pretty much helpless on Mustafar he survived every challenge that Palpatine threw at him. Of course, all of this didn’t sit well with Vader and after making his way to Exegol. He finally gets to confront Palpatine and tries to kill him. But even with help, Vader was no match for his Master on Exegol. Vader then enters the Sith Temple and there is where Vader faces one more test and learns of Palpatine plans. There not only did Vader see hints of the future (Snoke clones and other things I won’t spoil) but also something from his not too far past, Luke Skywalker’s hand!

So the “What happened to Luke’s hand,” question has finally been answered. There in the lab of the Sith Temple on Exegol among many failed Snoke clone bodies sets the hand of Luke Skywalker. Now that one door closes another one opens, why was the hand there, and what was Palpatine using it for? Could it be the key to his return in The Rise of Skywalker? Or was the DNA from Luke’s hand somehow used to create Snoke? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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