What started the buddy action genre? It’s very likely that Eddie Murphy’s 48 Hrs did. The film from Walter Hill and also starring Nick Nolte and James Remar is an instant classic. Paramount Presents, a new line of Blu-Ray releases from Paramount Home Entertainment are bringing back these two great action films to home video. This July 6th, 48 Hrs and Another 48 Hrs are coming home.

Both films have been remastered from the 4K film transfers. They’re presented with new bonus content from director Walter Hill. They also include vintage behind the scenes footage on the making of these two classic films. This is the first time you can get Another 48 Hrs on Blu-Ray as well. The Paramount Presents line comes at you with limited edition packaging. Featuring a foldout image of the theatrical poster and an interior spread with key movie moments.

Finally, you get the digital copy and a theatrical trailer on each of the discs.

The Special Features Of 48 Hrs And Another 48 Hrs

48 HRS

·       Filmmaker Focus: Director Walter Hill on 48 HRS.

·       Theatrical Trailer

·       Space Kid—original 1966 animated short, which makes an appearance in the film


·       Filmmaker Focus: Director Walter Hill on ANOTHER 48 HRS.

·       Theatrical Trailer

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