Well folks, we’re now just about three weeks away from Disneyland once again welcoming guests through its gates. While its sister park, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, reopened some time ago, Florida’s lax COVID-19 protocols didn’t exactly serve as the benchmark for reopening the California park. Still, for many, it’s an event long overdue and one that signals a return to some sense of normalcy. Don’t get too excited just yet, though. When the park reopens, it will do so with a slew of restrictions and exhibit/attraction closures. That’s bad news if you’re a traveler, or a Star Wars fan.

Disneyland; Star Wars; Disney
Image: Disney

For all the official updates on the park reopening, you should visit the Disneyland website HERE. What will surely be a major disappoint to many is the residency restriction. California continues have some of the stricter COVID-19 protocols in the country. According to Disney, “[u]ntil further notice, only California residents may visit the parks, and in groups no larger than 3 households, per state guidelines.” So if you were planning a spring trip with the family and you’re not a CA state resident, best to check the Disney Park off from your list of destinations.

DIsneyland; Disney;
Mickey will welcome you back to Disneyland, just not all of it. (Image: Disney)

Disneyland reopening in limited capacity

The limited reopening also presents a bit of a double whammy for Star Wars fans. The restrictive residency requirements are tough enough, but even in-state Star Wars fans will be disappointed upon their arrival. Star Wars Launch Bay may be the biggest franchise attraction in the park outside of Galaxy’s Edge, but…. Alas, it is not among the list of attractions also reopening with Disneyland on the 30th.

Darth Vader; Star Wars Launch Bay
Don’t plan on visiting Vader when Disneyland reopens April 30, 2021. (Image: Disney)

If you were hoping to get an “up-close look at actual props, costumes and authentic…” Star War replicas, sadly, you’re still going to have to wait. Sorry, fans. We’ll monitor the situation and let you know when Star Wars Launch Bay and other Disneyland attractions come back online.

Source: Fantha Tracks