Another week, another awesome new Disney+ episode. From The Mandalorian, to WandaVision to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney is three for three so far. This week’s TFATWS (check out our Rapid Review) delivered in every aspect once again, from comedy, to drama and story, but one scene in particular not only made me jump up and down but stood out as the best reveal of the episode. Who would have thought the Winter Soldier loses to Enfys Nest!?

Sam is determined to go on a mission. Amidst all the arguing and banter Bucky tags along, and they take on a group of rebels known as Flag Smashers. The group opposes the way events have unfolded since the blip was undone. The people who weathered the five years no longer seem as important as those who lived that time. To Bucky and Sam’s surprise, though, this group seems to be made up of super soldiers!

Losing to Enfys Nest – Crossing Franchises

Bucky tries to rescue a ‘hostage’ only to find out….she’s no hostage. At first I thought the actress looked familiar, but I get that a lot and can’t always place them. Then we got a close up. Tight curly red hair, a mass of freckles, those cheekbones, OMG! That’s Enfys Nest! Apparently, Erin Kellyman likes playing Rebel cell leaders.

I will always remember the scene in Solo: A Star Wars Story when Solo and company finally face off against their nemesis, Enfys Nest. When the mask comes off, I was curious who or what would be under it. First impulse is usually a man or creature, but it turns out to be a young woman! Kellyman’s features instantly made her a stand out, and to be honest, I’m surprised Nest never garnered a follow up story/series.

Losing To Enfys Nest – Nepotism Isn’t All Evil

Nepotism generally carries a rather bad connotation, but it’s a practice the Mouse House has used for decades. Once an actor gets their foot in the door with Disney, they are more likely to be picked again for future projects. J.J. Abrams is also big at casting friends and former J.J. actors in his roles. The latest example is the hot rumor that former Aladdin star, Mena Massoud, will bring cartoon character Ezra Bridger from Rebels to life.

In this case I like seeing Disney reach back into its former rosters and pulling someone like Erin Kellyman from a former project to use again. Erin brings a natural stand out to her characters so far and she appears to be able to handle action. It can be hard to tell sometimes where the actor and the stunt person end, but given her build, Kellyman looks plenty action-capable. Let’s hope she can find more roles inside or outside of Disney projects.

Her character in FaWS, Karli Morgenthau, promises to be interesting. Given the text she receives on her phone (“You took what was mine. I’m going to kill you”), I think we will see more of Miss Morgenthau. The only problem lies in the brevity of this series. She will not have much time to carve out her name, but at least she can say she kicked the Winter Soldier’s ass!

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