Bewitched is one of the most classic television series of all-time. The original series was a landmark for television for it’s subject matter and comedy. Now, Sony is hitting the classic TV-to-movie well once again. Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, who ran MacGyver and 12 Monkeys are handling the script. It’s being produced by John Davis and John Fox from Davis Entertainment.

Now this isn’t the first time that Sony has tried this pitch. Back in 2005, they made Bewitched with Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman. The original source, Deadline, says that this upcoming picture will be different than that film. It’ll more closely follow the series from the 60’s.

WandaVision showed that there’s a market for classic TV updated to today’s market. So Sony could be capitalizing on that witchy-TV market. Either way, that’s all the details we have on the movie so far.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Source: Deadline