Cobra!!! If you are a fan of the Super Cyborg lineup from Super7 and G.I. Joe, then you will want to check out the latest figure to join the lineup. Super7 has announced the new clear G.I. Joe Super Cyborg – Cobra B.A.T. figure. This 11-inch tall clear Super Cyborg figure gives you a new way to see all the inner workings of the Cobra B.A.T. soldier. The Cobra B.A.T. figure retails for $75 and is available now at

Super7: G.I. Joe Super Cyborg – Cobra B.A.T. (Clear)

Clearly the Perfect Cobra Trooper!

Behold in all of its crystalline glory, the Clear Super Cyborg Cobra B.A.T.! While the vintage figure had a hologram to tell you what the B.A.T. figure’s mechanical mysteries looked like, the Super Cyborg features sculpted mechanics you can touch and feel!

This Super Cyborg B.A.T. figure is more than just a pretty shell, with seven points of articulation, a removable chest plate, and interchangeable weapons and hands for maximum play and display power!

Super7 G.I. Joe

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