Chaos Walking, a YA sci-fi series by Patrick Ness, gets an epic film adaptation this week.

But before Tom Holland brings Noise to life on screen alongside Daisy Ridley, we sat down with Ness himself to discuss his book series, the film adaptation, and even his love for Doctor Who.

Check out the full interview below:

Chaos Walking takes place on an alien planet colonized by humans. When they arrived on the planet, mens’ thoughts suddenly became Noise – able to be heard, and even seen, by other people. The series explores this concept of Noise and what it would mean to live in a world where you could always hear other people’s thoughts.

During our interview Ness discussed the real-world inspiration for the Noise, from the rise of social media to that feeling you get when you’re stuck in line next to someone having a loud phone conversation.

“It’s interesting how much we are obliged to hear, but also how we are almost obliged to share,” said Ness. “And to me, the next logical question is, what if you had no choice in that?”

Check out our full interview to learn even more about the world of Chaos Walking straight from the author himself.

Chaos Walking poster

If you’re a fan of Ness’s books, let us know in the comments! What are you most excited to see when the novels make the jump to the screen?