Cody Rhodes skipped the hype and everything else that normally goes into a media call and just got right to the questions. The first question was about the main event of Revolution, the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between the AEW Champion, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. He says that any match involving Kenny Omega is must-watch. Says that Omega is back as the Cleaner from his NJPW days. This match would go on last in any show, because it will be incredibly violent.

Up next was a question about Paul Wight. Cody stated that the negotiations weren’t long because he wanted to be in AEW. He also clears the air that Paul will be having multiple matches in AEW outside of his duties as commentary and management. He says that it’s a good balance between the old and the new in AEW. Names Britt Baker, Ricky Starks, and MJF as the future of wrestling.

Another question about Paul Wight and his connection to Shaq. Cody says that this is just a coincidence that they signed Paul and this match with Shaq. For him, what Shaq brings is obvious. He has a large following and audience. This match is a showcase for Red Velvet and Jade Cargill according to Cody. Big praise for the AEW Women’s Division and the Eliminator Tournament.

More Questions For Cody Rhodes

A big question about the “Pandemic Era” of AEW. Cody says that he doesn’t want to whine about what’s happened to wrestling. He focuses more on the wrestling fan during the pandemic. Cody says that the marathon matches that they ran in March last year saved the company. It’s a big focus on pivoting, and like they pivoted from the pandemic era, they’re ready to pivot again. They needed overkill precautions because it would be safe for the performers. He confirms that AEW will move forward as safe as possible.

Another question about Red Velvet. Cody has huge praise for her and her work ethic. He says ask the same questions about her 24 hours from now. Big hype for the match with Shaq tonight.

A write-in question about tournaments and AEW. There have been a lot of tournaments on AEW. Cody says that tournaments are great for wrestling. The matches are for more time and exposure, so they’re perfect for the AEW product.

Some Questions About Revolution and Shaq

Sting is brought up by another question. He says that he’s interested in seeing Sting having a full match. Sting still has some gas left in the tank and his experience adds to the AEW product.

Next question is about Shaq again and facing someone who is a non-wrestler and the pressure tied to that. Cody slipped in a little comment about how Pat McAfee is trying to get a job at AEW every day. Cody affirms that Shaq has been training and the once in a lifetime athleticism with Shaq. He wants this to be the best celebrity match ever. This match is definitely getting the hype of the event for tonight’s episode of Dynamite.

The next question is about the proposed NXT move from Wednesday night to Tuesday night. He says the digs between the two shows are fun and the locker rooms respect each other. They’re not going to come out and congratulate NXT on a successful move. He praises the leadership and management of Tony Khan.

The NWA’s Next Move

What happens with the NWA’s movement? Cody says that Tony finds ways to tread to places that people wouldn’t normally think they could go. He expects more cross-promotion between the different companies and AEW. AEW wants to treat the outside personnel better than they treat their own. He’s sure that there’ll be fun crossover with the two companies.

AEW: Elevation is a new show coming out from the company. Cody says for fans to tune in for the first episode to see Paul Wight’s commentary. It’ll be similar to Dark, but focus more on the individual and their characters. You’ll learn about why the performers are stepping in the ring and their place in AEW.

Cody says with the next question that all of the “Go Home” shows for AEW events are trying to be as big as possible and themed. The Shaq match is opening the show and trying to get people as invested in the product as possible.

Speaking of cross-promotion, they want to use the celebrity/crossover use to bring more eyes to their product. Shaq draws eyes to PAC. The crossovers have to respect and love the business. Shaq and Snoop Dogg are both into wrestling and respect the business. The people they bring in have to train for the matches and they’re not just there to hoot and holler. People that respect the business make for the best guests.

More And More Questions

Cody gives big praise to Shida and Maki Itoh for the tournament. Also praises Tony Khan for moving heaven and Earth to get the tournament happen in Japan and the US. They want people to have connections with the fans, not the best workers that have no connections with the fans. More praise for Maki Itoh and that it’s pretty likely that we’ll see her again in an AEW ring.

Cody gives praise to Wardlow and says that he’s “Money in the bank”.

He says that the production side of AEW: Dark isn’t up to him, gives a shoutout to Head of Production at AEW, Greg Warner. AEW does everything they can to not have marathon shoots for people and not make families linger at the tapings.

The final question was about the proposed second AEW show on TNT. It’s obvious that Cody couldn’t bring a lot of detail about this proposed show. He pivoted to AEW: Dark Elevation and how that show will be different. He says that the extra hour of TNT television is going to be coming in 2021. Lastly, there was a tease of another show that involves AEW talent.

What Is Wrong With Wrestling Media?

Closing this out, this was supposed to be a media call about REVOLUTION. Not about Shaq. Not about the upcoming shows on TNT. But I guess in the media business for wrestling, it’s all about what’s coming next. Through about 50 minutes of time with Cody, there was one question pertaining to AEW: Revolution. There were about six or more questions about Shaq’s involvement on Dynamite tonight. I know it’s a big story, but holy hell, did people not look at the reason why we all gathered for the Media Call?

Either way, it’s fantastic to hear Cody’s take on things in the Wrestling business and the future of AEW. They’re rolling right now, and you can watch AEW: Revolution on PPV and BR Live this Sunday, March 7th at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET.

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