There some things in this world you never expect to see. One is Bruce Wayne and Batman in the same room together, and the other is finding some of the latest collectibles at Walmart. Well, this past week I beat the odds and actually found the first to market NECA – Batman ’89 Batarang at Walmart. So, since I wrote about it releasing a few weeks ago, I decided to grab it and give it a review to see if it lives up to the hype.

NECA – Batman Batarang Review

Batman NECA

As a fan of the 1989 Batman movie, I was actually pretty excited when I saw the NECA Batarang sitting on the shelf at Walmart. So I did like any excited collector would do, and I there it in the cart. Once I got it home and opened I was pretty happy with this impulse purchase.

Pros Of The NECA 89 Batarang

  • The box art is fun. With the Batarang on the front and all the details on the back, you know what you are in for right away.
  • Very easy to display once out of the box. The Batarang comes with a sturdy display base that it rests on very easily.
  • The details on this 1:1 piece look great even though it is made from plastic.
  • The metal hinges contain magnets that allow it to snap in place when the Batarang is folded.
  • For $13.96 you can not beat the price for a 1:1 prop replica item.

Cons Of The NECA 89 Batarang

  • The base is a very cheap plastic so you will want to be careful not to crush or crack it while moving it around.
  • The display base is too simple. The all-black finish kind of hides the name Batman on the front. Yellow would have made it stand out more.
  • The quality control was not that great, well at least on this one. As you can tell in the picture there are fingerprint smudges that do not want to come off.
Top View Batarang

My Final Thoughts

Even though there are few negatives with the Batman Batarang, they don’t outweigh the positives. The Batarang will look amazing in any Batman collection and for the price, you can not go wrong. Unfourtanly it is sold out at but if you are lucky you might be able to find one in the store. But there is some good news if you can’t find it, the Batarang will be available soon at other major retailers and local comic shops.


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